Wednesday, 19 April 2017


Aam saat is my childhood memory, my grandmother used to prepare this when we were small children. I loved it eating like candy. Since it is mango season we started getting lots of mangoes from our backyard mango tree. The mangoes are very big and juicy and also sweet. We need not to add sugar in this Aam saat. But I added very little sugar to it when i put it for drying under the sun. Here the recipe goes..


Ripe mangoes - 2 +2

Sugar - to taste

Cardamom powder (optional)


 Take the pulp from 2 mangoes , squeeze well or you can make its puree.

Heat mango puree and keep stirring till it becomes little hard about 10-15 minutes on medium heat.

when cold spread thin over a plastic sheet or tray and keep under the sun for 2 days. If the sunlight is very strong then i think one day is enough.

Again make the same procedure of other two mangoes. 

sprinkle sugar and cardamom powder over the first spread.

When the mango pulp is cooled spread thin over the first spread. Keep under the sun. 

When Aam saat is dried remove from the sheet and cut with sharp knife.

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