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A few dates packets were lying in my fridge for long. My cousin brought some packets from the Dates land, Abudhabi, my friend had brought some dates from muscat, some we bought from our Indian stores. I used dates in many GSB currys, I substituted it for jaggery. I thought of making sweet dates pickle for my daughter's lunch box. But I was not sure that she would love this with chappati, as she loves spicy curry with chappati. So I dropped my idea of making pickle.


After searching some recipes of dates online, I made up my mind of making Dates Syrup. It can be used as sweetener.

Here I used 3-4 cups of dates and also I added same quantity of water.  I washed dates on running water first to remove its dirt. Then I put all the dates in a vessel and water, then I heated it. Allowed to cook it till it became soft. When it was soft I could remove its seeds easily. I put the seeds in a small bowl and poured some boiled water, then removed a little pulp, which were stuck with seeds. Added this water to dates. When it was cool I ground it to a fine paste.

Then I strained the paste through a muslin cloth to get some thin syrup. Again I added some boiled water to the paste and again stained through the cloth. So I got 2 cups thin syrup.

I heated again that thin syrup to make a thick honey like syrup. No need of continuous stirring. But do not burn it. 

I have kept the dates waste in the fridge to make some dish. I found it still sweet, and can be used it again.

When the syrup is cooled down store it in a glass jar and refrigerate it.




Dates - 1 cup

Water - 1 cup


Wash dates on running water.

Boil dates and water till they are soft.

Remove the seeds, add some boiled water to seeds and remove its pulp, which were stuck to the seeds. Put this water to dates.

Now ground to a fine paste, sieve or strain through a muslin cloth to get a thin syrup.

Heat the syrup to make thick honey like syrup.

When cool, transfer it to a jar and store it in the fridge.

Serve Dates Syrup as sweetener. It can be added to milk. It can be used while making cakes. You can serve with ice creams.


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