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One of the popular breakfast in South Kanara distt is . When I was a kid I used to love this because of its sweetness. It is my mother in law's fav item and  she was never tired of making them. I remember eating lots of buns when I came here as a bride  as it was a popular Menu at Sree Vignesh. There was also Phoa or Upma/Uppittu  accompanying the Buns. I am sure kids would love this preparation

(makes 24 pieces)

All purpose flour/ Maida  1 1/2 cups
Sugar 8 tsp
Banana, over ripe, 1
Soda bi carb a little
Butter milk to make dough
Oil to fry



Sieve maida, soda bi carb and salt together.
In a little warm water  melt the sugar, mash the banana and add.
Add maida in the sugar water and  slowly adding butter milk prepare a soft dough, like chappati dough.

Keep this dough covered for 4-6 hours. ( I kept this dough overnight, it came out so soft and fluffy)

Divide this dough in to 24 parts and make small balls.
Roll out each ball applying some maida, in to 4-5 inch diameter, like poories but thick ones. Otherwise the dough will stick on both the roller and board.

Heat kadahi with enough oil. When it is hot, fry the rolled  poories one by one. When you slide the poori in a hot oil, just press the poori inside the oil, several times with the spotted spoon, it helps the poori to become puffed.
Take out the poories with spotted spoon and place them on a tissue papers.


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venkatesh kamath said...

strange name given to this stuff by the Amchis .this could be because its round and fluffy that its just like a nun while bun is baked and Buns is fried.
what Jaya made looks perfect from the colour to the exact or appropriate level its fried and where exactly lies its ultimate taste.
In Mangalore and surroundings buns is a very popular snack in the mornings both at home and at small and medium sized hotels.Many prefer to have it with Sambhar.It goes well dipped in coffee and taken just like that as well.