Friday, 21 October 2011


This is a very popular snack in South Canara district...especially  Mangalore. I remember very well, we had invited 2 cooks from Mangalore on the occasion of our House warming ceremony. My husband had specially requested them to prepare Buiscuit Rotti, a new item for our friends here. All our friends went for a second help,then a 3rd help, then a 4th....after some time we were short of these delicious babies and yet, the guests kept coming...
I adapted this recipe from Jaya V Shenoy.


For the outer cover:
Semolina 1 cup,
Maida  3 tbsp,
 Oil 1 tbsp,
Salt and little water...

For the filling:

Coconut,  shredded 1/2 cup
 Hing a pinch
Soji 2 tsp
Besan 2 tsp,
Mustard  half tsp
Urad dal 1/2 tsp,
Curry leaves 1 sprig, 
Green chillies 3, small piece
Ginger a small piece, 
Oil..1 tsp


Soak semolina or soji  in a little water for 15 mins, till it abosrbs all the water.
Add salt, oil, maida and knead to make into tough ball as hard as you would do for pooris

For the filling:
Finely chop green chillies, ginger and curry leaves.
Heat oil in a pan and make a seasoning of mustard, urad dal, green chillies, curryleaves and hing.
Mix together seasoning, ginger, coconut, soji, besan..adjust salt  and mix thoroughly.
Make a small ball of dough..roll it and fill some mixture in to it and cover, Then roll again into a size of poori.(just like aloo paratha) and deep fry...

It goes well wth green chutney or tomato chilliy sauce....

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