Thursday, 20 October 2011


 It is a Common South Indian Breakfast, simple but perfect, healthy one. Dosas are made in different ways, and different meausrements of the ingredients, differing  from place to place or from house to house. It is very popular in south indian restaurants and hotels. I prepare dosa  as breakfast  for 4 days a weak. This is served with chutny or sambar, or potato masala...tastes good and good for health too....

Udad dal (black lentils)1/2 cup
Raw rice (white rice) 3/4 cup
Boiled rice that is red rice 3/4 cup
Fenugreek seed 1ts
Salt to taste

 Wash and soak all the above ingredients in a big vessel for  4,5 hours
Grind it to a very fine dough and keep it overnight . Add salt and cover.
On the next day, check the dosa batter, if it is too thick add some water and mix well. 
Heat the  dosa flat tava. when it is too hot reduce the flame . grease the tava  with oil and pour 1 tblsp of batter on the tava and spread thin thin as you  can... fry the dosa only one side ..if you want more crispy , put a few drops ghee on the dosa holes...

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