Friday, 21 October 2011


This is my mother in law's recipe.. here we all love this spicy, simple and yummy pickle.


Yam cut in cubes- 1 cup

Red chillies- 8-10 nos( according to your taste buds.)

Tamarind, size of a small goosberry

Asafoetida - size of a chick peas

Salt to taste

                                                     FRIED YAM PIECES...

                                                          Yam or Sooran pickle



Wash the yam pieces and apply 2,3 tsp of salt and keep aside for 30 mins to 45 mins.

Fry red chillys in little oil.

Grind fried chillys, asafoetida, tamarind to a very fine smooth paste, adding little water.

Heat kadahi with 2,3 tbsp of oil in it.

Take a handful of yam cubes and squeeze out the salt water and put in oil, repeat this act and 

put all the yam cubes in oil and fry them till they become crisp. Then take out from the oil and 

spread on paper sheet.

And mix these yam cubes in the chilly paste. Check the salt, if need add some salt and mix well.

Heat a small pan with 2-3 tsp oil, when hot add mustard seeds to splutter and curry leaves. And pour it over the Yam Pickle.

Serve this pickle as a side dish 

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venkatesh kamath said...

This is one such most awaited pickle at home because when young as we used to wait to pick/drag some fried yam pieces before they go into the pickle.
As a fresh pick;e which needs no marinating of the contents tastes good for a few days.
Photos and description is very good Jay.