Tuesday, 18 October 2011


 My husband is very fond of snakegourd upkari, so once in a week i prepare this . With the seeds I prepare  very spicy pan cakes...a side dish for lunch.  Tastes good. But my children hate both the preparations that i made .Actually I  also got fed up preparing the same spicy pancake every week. This time
I thought that somehow i will make them eat this. and  they had it...they did not even feel that I'd added it.
Veg cutlet: main ingredient is PODDALE BEE.( seeds of snake gourd). and also added cauliflower,carrot and onion...:))

 1. Poddale bee (snake gourd seeds)1 cup
2. Cauliflower florets cubed 1 cup
3. Carrot ..cut into small cubes half cup
4. Boiled potato 1 small
5. Ginger and garlic
6. Green chiliies 3
7. Onion 1 big
8. Garam masla 1 tspn
9. Salt to taste
10. Bread slices 4 ..for crumbs

Method : make a smooth paste of onion … and make paste of ginger, garlic and chillies . crush the poddale bee ( don’t make a paste) in a mixie.
In a non stick kadahi fry onion paste in a lil oil . add garlic ginger and green chilli paste into it and fry for a while. Then add crushed poddale bees and cook for few mins. Add garam masla also. Remove this mixture into a bowl.
In the same kadahi , in a lil oil fry cauli flower florets and carrot till it becomes tender, then add the mashed potato in to it and mix well.
Then dry roast bread slices, when cool make a powder of it
Mix crumbs of one bread slice into the mixture.
Make cutlets of mixture of vegs and pat this with enough bread crumbs on both sides and shallow fry on a low flame… and eat it with tomato chilli sauce …

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