Thursday, 27 October 2011


Taykilo grows wildly  in  rainy seasons, it is a medicinal plant also. It's botanical name is Senna Obtusifolia. Heard that its dried seeds are used for making coffee powder. When the plant is tender , the upper parts of the leaves are used as a vegetable. Once my daughter wished to eat taykilo daungar. however, it was not taykilo season,  but my husband found some fully grown taykilo in the fields nearby. He plucked some plants and brought home. The plant had grown seeds and flowers, leaves were  dark green. I did not know whether grown leaves could  be used in curries. With these leaves I prepared this item and it tasted very bitter. I had to throw the whole lot. Only  the tender leaves give the taste...


Taykilo leaves , finely cut 1 cup
Rice 1/2 cup
Tur dal 1 tbsp
Red chilly 7,8
Cumin seeds !/2 tsp



Wash and soak rice and dal for half an hour. Drain out the water.
Grind  rice, tur dal, red chillys, salt  in a mixie. Add  a very little water while grinding.
Put this masala in a vessel, Then  mix taykilo leaves and cumin seeds
With this mixture make a  small ball, flatten a little and slid in the hot oil. ( put 6,7 in one batch)
Fry on  both sides on a moderate heat.

A side dish here...


kayvee said...

I don't think there will be a single Konkani person who hasn't heard the name of this item.First of all the Taikilo is available for a limited period during the rainy season only.The aroma and crispiness and the taste lingers for a long time.It should b eaten when just made.
Jay the colour and complexion as seen in the photo looking great.If it isn't made right it wont look the way its seen here.Nice to see how you presented the item with a bunch of Tykillo.Besides thanks for mentioning the correct botanical name of Tykillo.

Jayashree Divakar said...

Thank u Kavee, it is a great pleasure to read ur well informative comment.